best Bitcoin faucets
Only checked the faucets paying directly to your wallet.
Allows you to get 250 Satoshi every hour. In addition there is an internal lottery, the system of bonus points and the game HI/LO.
Payments of 30,000 Satoshi in manual or auto mode.
Delivers up to 5000 Satoshi every 15 minutes. Plus a daily bonus of 5%.
Payout of 10,000 Satoshi on request.
Every 5 minutes allows you to collect the tickets at
midnight GMT turn into Satoshi. The cost of the ticket
depends on your activity. The average is 50 Satoshi.
Attention! Despite the fact that tickets are collected
every 5 minutes, it is much cheaper to do this once in
about 15 minutes.
You can withdraw from 20,000 Satoshi on demand.
Pays from 20 to 1000 Satoshi every 20 minutes.
The output from 20000 Satoshi in the account. Plus
In addition to directly tap on the site you can play the
lottery and various games for bitcoins. Additionally, in
the same way on the site to Ethereum.
Conclusion according to the requirement from 50,000
Satoshi or 500000 for Ethereum.
Fixed rate for getting there. Introduced a progressive
system. The sum Satoshi depends on when you last
used the faucet. A detailed table is presented on the
site. In addition there are several types of bonuses.
Payout of 10,000 Satoshi automatically every
Saturday/Sunday or on demand via Xapo.
Full analogue of the previous tap. The only difference
is the amount of Satoshi - it is more pleasant. And a
captcha - it is less pleasant. In the end 1:1 J

Payout of 10,000 Satoshi automatically every
Saturday/Sunday or on demand via Xapo.
Crane like the previous two. Immediately after
registration you will earn Satoshi, no matter when you
went to the site. You can collect Satoshi every 3
minutes. And can come once a month. Change only
the number of accrued Satos. You decide.
Payments on demand for the amount of 10,000
Allows you to collect every 5 minutes from 1 to
100000 Satoshi.
Attention! Forbidden to use the crane more than 120
times in 24 hours. The counter can be seen after each
Payments on Sundays when reaching 20000 Satoshi.
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Gives up to 1000 Satoshi every 60 minutes. Very light and good faucet
Upon reaching the 30000 Satoshi automatically pays out to your wallet.